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 “Heil & Kay helped us save over 30 % in one year on our workers compensation insurance premium by helping us improve safety procedures in the kitchen and in the dining room.”

- Dan Winters, CFO, The Signature Room at the 95th

"Heil & Kay came to our audit and proved to the workers compensation auditor that our class codes had been misinterpreted by our prior agent.  We were able to reclassify certain employees and go back three years with the changes.  We were refunded thousands of dollars!”

- Mary Kay Bonoma Executive Vice President, Illinois Restaurant Association

“The Heil and Kay customer service team does a great job on producing certificates of insurance for RFP and for city licensing that are fast and accurate.   The city has such specific language requirements for use of the public way in regards to signs, light fixtures, canopies and even doors that swing over the side walk; having that done fast and properly saves us time and trips to city hall!”

- Ryan O’Donnell, Coda di Volpe and Gemini Bistro

“Heil and Kay is not about getting lowball quotes from failing providers and leaving businesses  high and dry to figure out how the health care policies work and who and when which employees should be offered coverage.   Heil and Kay walked us through every option for insuring our employees with the best providers, the broadest networks, the best doctors and what the options were.  They showed us how to offer a qualified plan to our employees, that not only  saved us tens of thousands in IRS penalties but gave the employees that wanted to contribute an amazing health benefit for a for a fraction of the cost of those IRS penalties – and they kept track of enrollment and claims!”

Alpana Singh; Boarding House, Seven Lion and Terra & Vine

I appreciate the excellent customer service I have received Heil& Kay Insurance. The assistance I have received has resulted in cost savings for my company and has improved my operation as a direct result of Heil & Kay Insurance’s help with proper coverage, risk management and safety. I have great peace of mind knowing I am working with a team of professionals that has taken the time to understand my business. I would also like to thank Heil & Kay Insurance for the work done on the company I acquired. Heil Insurance discovered a number of ‘gaps’ in coverage including one which is critical for food processing operations opening us up to a potential $5,000,000 plus liability. In addition to correcting my coverage, Heil Insurance saved me over 40 percent using a stronger financially rated insurance company. Again, many thanks for your work and commitment.

- Daniel Barry

I have been in the Auto Repair business going on 25 years now, also having served on two Chambers of Commerce Boards I have many connections and acquaintances in the Insurance business. Typically when I make a connection with a vendor I remain very loyal so switching can be a very difficult thing for me and nothing is more painful to deal with than insurance. over the last 25yeras iI have only been with 2 or 3 insurance companies as it relates to our Liability and Workman's Comp insurance.  I was introduced to Heil & Kay insurance as a result of serving with Brett Koenig on the Board of Automotive Service Association. Several years ago Brett asked to bid on our insurance and I was pleasantly surprised not only by how much money he saved me but the level of service he provided. Not only did he make the transition easy, he figured out was to keep the premium as low as he possibly could. I highly recommend Brett and Heil & Kay insurance to anyone looking for a better option on any of their insurance products.

- Doug McAlistar

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